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Meet Your Guides

Hi! Jonathan and Amanda Teixeira here.

In January 2012, we had $25,000 in debt and a deep desire to break free. A short—and zealous—7½ months later we wrote our last check to Sallie Mae and closed the doors on debt forever. Since kicking debt to the curb, we’ve focused on saving, investing, and giving in a way that set us up for total financial independence for a lifetime.

Casually, a couple people asked us money questions and we answered them. That snowballed and turned into hundreds of people asking questions, speaking at events, and providing 1:1 custom financial coaching.

That’s when we started scratching our noggins and realized that we have a unique ability to teach others about this whole financial freedom thang.

We created The Money Jumpstart Workshop to help as many people as possible get a handle on their finances and gain true financial independence.

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